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Michelle P 

Hey Mika! Excellent Site! Many Congrats on your Success! Thanks for consistently great service!


Oakwood Cleaning is the best cleaning service we have had. another satified customer

Todd and Kim Howell 

Congratulations on all your success! Thank you so much for taking such good care of our house for us for so many years— We really appreciate you!!!!

Kim and Family 

You will certainly appreciate having Mika and her team in your home. She brings her Christian values into her work ethic and customer relationships. When I come home after her visit, I feel such a relief of my stress. What a blessing Oakwood Cleaning has been to my home and family. All the best!

Susan and Zoey 

Opening my doors to Oakwood Cleaning was a real gift. Mika is a delight to work with. She%27s accomodating, open to suggestions and seems to bring a little ray of sunshine each time she comes. Thanks Mika. I wish you the best of luck.

Jessica and Tom 

We have really enjoyed Oakwood Cleaning Service and would highly recommend their work! They do a such wonderful and professional job! Our home never looked so good!

Sue in Oakwood 

Mika, Thanks for your dependable and consistent service. It is such a relief to know that one big job I just cannot find time for is taken care of.


I was a little nervous about having someone come in my home and clean because I wasn’t sure that they could the job as well as I can. However, Oakwood Cleaning blew me totally out of the water with their cleaning. Very customer service-oriented not to mention VERY professional. They have found themselves a customer for life! Thank you and I highly recommend!

Holli J. 

I just came home from work after the first time Oakwood Service cleaned…and walking into a clean home is the most amazing feeling in the world. Knowing that there is one less big job I have to handle is so wonderful! Thank you Mika and Oakwood, you have found a faithful client!